Talent Shortage or Shortage of Company Proactivity?

Asking ‘how’ as opposed to ‘why’ For the past few years companies have been blaming their lack of skilled workers on the infamous “talent shortage.” What if these companies were to dig deeper and ask ‘how?’ as opposed to ‘why?’ … Read More

Angling for Success!

Whether you’re a job seeker looking to move your career up to that next level or a company on the cutting edge or looking for that bright new mind to move your company vision forward, you can draw a deep parallel … Read More

Partner with your Headhunter!

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Joshua Burkwist, MS Jivaro Professional Headhunters Headhunter / Manager Everyone is looking for a competitive  advantage, especially start up companies. In order to be successful you NEED competitive advantages in several key areas; Venture funding – You need … Read More

Jivaro Professional Headhunters: Interview tips

Much of our time at Jivaro Professional Headhunters is spent helping our candidates prepare for upcoming interviews. What we have discovered over the last 15 years is that many of you are truly talented in your particular craft; be it … Read More