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Established in 1999
The Jivaro staff consists of Senior Headhunters with over 250 years of combined recruiting experience.

Hiring a world-class team is pivotal to your company’s success, and we have the skills to find and procure talent that you need. At Jivaro, we efficiently and effectively select and screen the strongest candidates for your company’s needs.

Recognized as the premier staffing and executive search firm in the technology industry, Jivaro Professional Headhunters work together as a team to provide the best possible experience for both the company and the candidate.

  • Over 250 years of combined experience
  • 10 teams of recruiters working together to produce strong results
  • 4 regional offices

We offer fast and effective hiring solutions tailored to your specific staffing needs.

Jivaro’s team approach is a unique business model in the hyper-competitive world of recruiting. It results in our ability to quickly provide thoroughly screened candidates to support your current market position as well as your future growth strategy. Our collective resources provide exponentially more opportunities for a successful search.