In the quest for the best, don’t settle for the rest

As a hiring manager your day is packed with deadlines, deliverables, and meetings. How are you going to make that hire? Most hiring managers are able to dedicate approximately 30 minutes a day to sourcing for the talent they need. That’s 2.5 hours per week or 10 hours per month.

With Jivaro’s unique team approach, you have 40 headhunters working 8 hours a day together to fill your open position. That is 320 hours per day, 1,600 hours per week, 6,400 hours per month!

What You Get

  • A strategic partner who understands the hyper-aggressive market conditions you face.
  • A true “headhunter” who will go after the passive, world-class talent that you want to hire.
  • One point of contact with 40 headhunters working behind the scenes.

Benefits for You

  • Jivaro’s team approach provides you with pre-screened, qualified candidates— fast!
  • An “aggressive yet professional” attitude, with a passion for filling positions quickly and effectively.
  • Pay for Performance; we EARN our commission. If we don’t fill the role, you don’t pay.

Jivaro Headhunters are passionate about technology, making a difference, and the success of our clients. We have been building startups for the nearly two decades. We deliver!

FAQs About Headhunting

Why do you call yourselves headhunters instead of recruiters?

While it may sound like a matter of semantics, we believe it’s much more than that. It is a difference that begins with a mindset shift. Headhunters aggressively identify, pursue, and acquire talent. It is with this mindset that all of Jivaro’s contingency recruiters “hunt down” the perfect candidate for your open positions.

How is Jivaro’s approach to contingency search different than other recruiting firms?

Unlike other firms, Jivaro doesn’t compete internally. Instead, we pool the resources of our 40 plus headhunters. While you have one point of contact, you have the added benefit 40 plus others working behind the scenes. This allows us to directly recruit the desired top 5% of talent; conduct extensive pre-screening to further help qualify the candidate; and facilitate the interview process from scheduling the interview, gathering the feedback, conducting the reference checks, negotiating the offer and completing the search at speeds our competition can only dream of!

Why do I need a Headhunter?

The “War for Talent” is real. There is an absolute shortage of top-tier talent available and when they do decide to look for a new position, they are inundated by companies offering them crazy amounts of money, sign on bonuses, telecommuting options, etc. A Jivaro headhunter helps to position your company in a crowded market in a way that cuts through the noise. Part of our process involves gauging the candidate’s interest in your opportunity, risk tolerance for startups, desire to make an impact, and the drive behind their search. Our goal is to ensure that when you are ready to make an offer, it is one that the candidate will accept.

How do I get started?

Simple. Call and ask for anyone of our headhunters. They can walk you through the process and get you started towards making your next hire!

If I am a candidate, how do I get your help finding me a position with one of your clients?

There are a couple of ways to get help. First, check out our jobs page to see if you are a fit for any of our hottest openings. If not, don’t worry, we are constantly looking for the best and the brightest and add new positions on a daily basis. Email if you have any questions!