Recruiting On Demand

A Cost-Effective, Flexible Staffing Solution to Help You Fill the Gaps

When your company requires immediate staffing support to solve a personnel shortage, whether you need to hire 5 or 50, Jivaro offers a solution that delivers top talent and reduces cost-per-hire.

Our unique Recruiting On Demand (ROD) program is completely customizable to fit your company’s needs.

SEE HOW ROD Worked for VMWare

If you need a high volume of candidates—and fast—add a team of Jivaro’s experienced, hyper-focused headhunters to support your recruiting staff. Their job is to efficiently help you meet goals and maximize your budget.

Or, if it’s an entire recruiting infrastructure you need, hire our veteran headhunters to partner with your executives to train recruiters, attract talent, and manage the candidate pipeline.

Either way, it’s our goal to achieve fast and exceptional results. When your company’s needs have been met, downsize us. When your hiring needs ramp back up, we’ll be there to provide the support that works best for you. We know when you hire us, we’re working ourselves out of the gig.

What  You  Get:
  • Experienced, trustworthy, and hyper-focused headhunters responsible for meeting your goals
  • Recruiters with the contingency mindset—aggressive yet professional
  • Headhunters who integrate seamlessly and appear to be employees on your staff—enhancing the candidate experience and increasing hire rates
Benefits  to  You:


  • By paying an hourly fee you’ll spend a fraction of a flat or contingency rate, keeping your cost-per-hire low.
  • Pay no infrastructure costs– we provide all equipment


  • Positions get filled fast with top-notch, hard-to-find talent

Q: Do you offer different levels of engagement?

A: Yes, we have the ability to do a full-staffing RPO, Recruiting on Demand, and Candidate Sourcing.

Q: What is the difference between those services?

A: RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) is where we “join” your company and help establish a recruiting process from the ground up. This would include everything from writing job descriptions, training your team on interview techniques, managing interview schedules and presenting and closing the hire.

Recruiting On Demand is when our Headhunters join your existing team and seamlessly integrate into your existing recruiting process. They act as if they are your full-time employee by attending all team meetings, training sessions, utilize your existing tools and ATS. With this service, we do it “your way.” Our goal is to be the best employee on your team!

Candidate sourcing is just that…We focus exclusively on building top of funnel pipeline. Often times in this role, Jivaro Headhunters are partnered with one of your team members who will handle all other processes. This allows them to put 100% of their efforts into “headhunting” and finding that perfect hire!

Q: What if my needs change?

A: That is the beauty of our approach. We give you the ability adjust the length of engagement, number of recruiters involved at any time. Jivaro offers a true on-demand solution. When the demand changes you can dial us down and call us back in when you need the help again.

Q: Why should I trust Jivaro?

A: Founded in 1999, Jivaro has a proven history of exceptional results. Our Recruiter on Demand solution has been used by companies of all sizes, from early stage startups; Vera, late stage Pre-IPO companies; and Tintri, as well as world leaders like Vmware.

Q: How do I know which solution is right for my company and me?
A: Contact us and let’s discuss a customized solution that best addresses your needs.

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Willie Resko, Director of Business Development