People First.

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People First. What does that mean to us? It’s our philosophy, and mantra for the driving force here at Jivaro.

Over 16 years of operation, our Jivaro headhunters have worked with thousands of clients, candidates, and as a team to build relationships for success. Throughout that time, we’ve recognized that we are in the ultimate people business. We are a group of people who work with and for other people all day, every day!

Our years of success have come from our goal to put people above everything. We operate by the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Sounds easy right? It’s a lesson we all learned growing up. However, in the pressure cooker that is headhunting, I have found this is a truly rare approach. Most agencies have a very transactional mindset when dealing with their clients. They don’t treat them as people; they treat them as money.

At Jivaro, our headhunters take pride knowing that when we help a candidate land a new position it has a real impact on their life, their family’s lives, and their career path. We love knowing that when we place that candidate with one of our client companies, it will make a real and positive impact on the future of that company. And, we love knowing that from that introduction we facilitated, real friendships will be made. Sometimes lifelong friendships. Many of my closest friends started out as “clients” of Jivaro.

This is why, moving forward, we will be using the #PeopleFirst hashtag in all of our outgoing social media content. We believe that this mantra or philosophy drives and differentiates us.

At Jivaro, our business IS personal!

– Ron Harrison, CEO, Jivaro Professional Headhunters

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