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Long-term success in recruiting is a combination of skill and luck. In my decade of experience being able to develop, cultivate and maintain relationships is what separates those who survive from those who don’t.

Thanks to the advances in technology many recruiters are able to work remotely and only rarely meet the people they work with. But because more than half of communication is based on body language making a connection face-to-face is more effective. And if that is not an option, making the conversation personal is the next best thing.

My strategy has always been to develop deeper relationships by sharing something personal about myself in an effort to start a conversation that goes beyond business. Most of the time when I am talking with a candidate or hiring manager time is a constraint. There are meetings, or kids to be picked up from piano lessons, so making the most of the time I have is vital. I use this time to find our “shared humanity,” focusing on the fact that the person I’m talking with is just that—a PERSON. I also realize that to them, I’m just another recruiter trying to sell them the next Google. Finding a way to make a personal connection is the best and quickest way to overcome this hurdle. Being able break the ice and get them to view you as more than just a faceless recruiter is the goal.

Ultimately, you as the recruiter need to understand what motivates your prospect. And you need to truly understand the company culture of the companies you are hiring for. Learning the important details about the needs of the two sides you are bringing together dramatically increases your ability to make successful hires. Knowing that your candidate likes to workout in the morning and that the company has flexible start can be exactly what the candidate needs to commit to your client over the other opportunities on the table.

One thing that can be counted on in recruiting is that the market WILL change. Whether there is a boom and quality candidates are scarce or it is a bust and almost no one is hiring, maintaining relationships is what will keep you in business and separate success from failure.

– Brock Schroeder, Sr. Headhunter
Jivaro Professional Headhunters

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