Jivaro University

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future.” – Plato

Quality Assurance

I recently met with two colleagues in the venture community to discuss various positions within their respective portfolio companies and how Jivaro could best serve them in filling those positions. As we dissected the requirements, I told them which of the Headhunters at Jivaro would be best suited for each of the positions. One of them stopped me and said, “Look, we know you. We know the work you have done for us in the past. Can you assure me that we will get the same quality of candidates and service from your “mid-level” recruiters that we get from you?” Absolutely.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Jivaro each of our headhunters commits to an extensive and ongoing training program to ensure we maintain and exceed standards of excellence. Spearheaded by our COO, Josh Bear, this program was implemented early in Jivaro’s 16-year existence when we realized we needed internal systems for quality control in order to best serve our clients. It’s how we guarantee that from the top-down, our headhunters each bring a level of knowledge and skills that we stand confidently behind.

Keeping Up with the Times at “Jivaro U”

Those who work in the tech world know that change is the only constant. New languages, frameworks, tools, platforms, and development methodologies are constantly created and always evolving. Engineers themselves will admit that one of the key reasons they change positions or move to a new company is to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends.

RonHb_HS-200At Jivaro, we constantly work to stay on the cutting edge of this ever-evolving industry. Weekly and monthly training sessions led by our most senior staff—Michael Cord (16 yrs. at Jivaro); Erik Lisk (12 yrs. at Jivaro); Nic Bingham (11 yrs. at Jivaro); Brock Schroeder (10 yrs. at Jivaro); and Josh Burkwist (9 yrs. at Jivaro)—are the foundation of “Jivaro U.” We address topics from the most basic (how to dissect a job description and candidate resume) to more in-depth (advanced Boolean search string techniques) to related topics that we consider important general knowledge for our Headhunters (how venture firms place valuation on start-ups). Our training program continues to evolve with the industry in an effort to ensure that our dedicated Jivaro employees at all levels within the company are prepared for growth and excellence.

Jivaro U is a commitment that I see as paramount to working successfully for our clients. It’s how we can confidently place our Headhunters knowing that they represent the overarching knowledge, integrity, and skill set you’ve come to expect from our senior staff.

 Ron Harrison, CEO
Jivaro Professional Headhunters

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