Jivaro’s IT Project Services group offers customized solutions for clients who need to efficiently expand their capabilities to meet increased demand.

We provide a managed team of high-performance applications, infrastructure or functional resources that work as an extension of your permanent staff.

Providing consultants is a relationship business and even with advancements in technology, we understand that our success comes from our commitment to understanding people. We work individually with our clients to thoroughly learn their team culture and specific needs. Then we match them with consultants that will be a strong fit.

Jivaro’s consultants are thoroughly vetted for technical expertise and depth of skills as well as for teamwork and cultural fit. With an unmatched network of industry connections and strategic partners built over the last 20 years, we are uniquely positioned to connect just the right consultant to just the right client.

Jivaro Consultant’s Areas of Expertise

Development/Product Roles

• Software Engineer
• Mobile App Developer
• Web Developer
• Database Engineer
• Software Architect
• Development Manager
• DevOps
• Network Engineer
• Data Scientist
• Product Management
• Project Management
• Program Management

Test/QA Roles

• Test Engineer
• Quality Engineer
• Quality Assurance Engineer
• Software Engineer in Test (SET)
• Software Developer in Test (SDET)
• Test/Quality Manager
• Test/Quality Lead
• Automation Engineer

Content Development Roles

• Software Developer
• Software Development Engineer
• Mobile App Developer (Android /iOS)
• Web Developer
• Database Engineer
• Software Architect
• Development Manager
• UX / UI Developer

Professional Services / Support

• Integration Architect
• Customer Success Engineer
• Technical Support
• Escalation Engineer
• Post Sales Engineer
• Pre Sales Engineer
• IT Administrator

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Adrian Charbonnet, Sr. Account Executive