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At Jivaro, the strong and successful business partnerships we build stem from our priority to put people first. We make impactful placements on a daily basis because we are sincere about developing, cultivating, and maintaining meaningful relationships with our clients and the candidates we screen.

In an industry where face-to-face time is rare, creating real human connections is a paramount part of our approach. In our experience, strong placements require a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the business and the candidates we’re bringing together; we look beyond the job description and the resume to find the perfect match. While data serve an important role in our searches, our headhunters are always conscious of the broad range of factors involved to find the right candidate and seal the deal.

At the bottom of it all, we are people serving other people. We know when we place a candidate with one of our client companies that it makes a real and positive impact for all parties involved—from the hiring manager to the candidate and their family and ultimately the future of the company. And at the end of the day, we hope to leave with a few new friends along the way. At Jivaro, our business is personal.

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