Our Approach is Different. Our Results are Better

In the ultra-competitive world of recruiting, Jivaro uses a unique approach to give our clients faster and more effective results. Instead of working as “every man for himself,” our headhunters work in teams to provide our companies and candidates the strongest match. In other words, instead of getting the resources of just one recruiter, you get the collective resources of an entire group, giving you more opportunities for successful placements.

Our team of 40 veteran headhunters works together 40 hours a week to deliver you a pipeline of talent directly to your desk. That is 320 hours per day, 1,600 hours per week, 6,400 hours per month worth of time and resources!

When you bring us on board, you get more time in your day to meet other pressing deadlines while we source top-tier talent for you. Bring us in to solve your toughest hiring challenges and come out on top.

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